Thank you so much to the anon who messaged me something mean someone had once told him/her. I won’t publish it because I don’t know how comfortable they would be, but thank you SO much!

What is the worst thing someone has ever told you (online / real life)?

What is the worst thing someone has told you (online / real life)?


'How to get away with murder' seems a lot like my new obsession.

Also, I am going to try Ello.

Anonymous asked:
how does girls take care of their hair like their hair looks so shiny

Hello anon!

You can use a whole load of products to help your hair shinnier and healthier. It really depends on the type of hair you have. If you do have shinny hair already, then do whatever you are doing, because it’s obviously working. If you don’t, look for shampoos made to make your hair shinnier. You can also use oils - such as argan oil - or even hair mask.

Just don’t overdo your hair, it will tire it and make it worse.

Always with love. xx

Last night, I half-dreamed/half-thought that I was making a video directed to people who ever received hate. Today I woke up thinking it would be an amazing idea. What do you think? Maybe I should start with a post?


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